Validate your Biobox

After creating your biobox you should validate the image to ensure its follows the specification. This validation ensures that your image behaves as expected when given to an end user. This means more work in the short term, however ultimately it should mean your image is easier to use and gets used more often.

Bioboxes provides tool to help your validate your image as you are building it. This tool should be used often to ensure your assembler keeps working as you make changes or modify it. The bioboxes assembler validator tool describes how you can use this to validate your container.


This example first downloads and extracts the latest release of the validator. Then tests the default task of the velvet image.

# Fetch the latest 0.1.x release of the validator
tar xzf validate-short-read-assembler.tar.gz

./validate-short-read-assembler/validate velvet default

You can find the final biobox velvet example in our Github repository. In the section using a biobox image you find a tutorial with example data that explains how to use your biobox.