Detailed documentation is provided to help use bioboxes in your research pipelines and to help you create a biobox so that others can more easily use your bioinformatics tool. The documentation covers the following sections.

  • The "quick start guide" introduces the fastest way to start using bioboxes. This covers installing docker, downloading bioboxes, and using the command line tool to run a biobox.

  • The "biobox Docker guide" outlines how to use bioboxes via the Docker client. This includes setting the volume directories to mount data into a container. This tutorial is suitable if you would like to learn how to use Docker with bioboxes in more detail.

  • The "developer guide" describes how to create a biobox Docker image. This guide assumes that you are already familiar with running and using bioboxes. This guide will cover the basics of creating a Docker image that is biobox-compatible.

  • The "developer tool" documentation covers the tools we have created to help using and developing bioboxes.

  • The "open source" documentation outlines how bioboxes functions as an open source project. We welcome feedback and contributes to the project, these pages outline how you can do this.